It’s Time To Build by Angie Dorman

Truly there’s nothing glamorous for those who work in construction.  It is messy and tiresome, especially when only a few of the laborers show up.  It can ‘seem’ as though the build will never come together.     It’s pretty much the same way when it comes to building for the Lord.  Not many seem to show up for the building project. The most essential people to the work initially, are the foundation builders, which are the apostles and prophets.  They must be sure to lay the course of living stones as set by the Cornerstone Himself.  Because there can be no foundation laid other than what has been laid by the Lord Jesus Christ. So, we can’t have folks trying to establish other foundation plans, or trying to raise up something that looks different than what the Lord has intended.  We need these ‘essential workers’ first!   I’m sure you’re seeing and hearing some of the same things that I am.  There is a lot of talk among the Body of Christ about foundation building.  But, it begs the question, “Why is it that folks won’t commit to the work of the Lord, but will spend long hours talking about it, and lots of time and money on their own houses and desires?” Why?  Because folks want to take care of themselves first, before the Lord. We need more apostles and prophets who will step forward and start the building project that the Lord has called for.  Apostles and prophets who will put the building of their own personal ministry and life aside and truly put the building up of God’s house first.  His house being His people.  I’m afraid that some of us got this backwards! We thought, we should take care of all our personal stuff and individual ministries first,

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