This ministry was formally established by Angie Dorman in 2020, after many years of laboring in the Lord to shift from a pastoral church model to an apostolic ministry model.

Angie has been serving the Lord for over 35 years and functions as a prophetic Apostle. She is the senior leader of King’s Dominion International (KDI) located in Pemberton, NJ, leading a school, a mentoring program, and an apostolic church. She’s most excited about the recent launch of her online Disciple’s School of Ministry.

Over the last few decades, Angie has planted a number of churches and 2 para-church ministries. She has a strong teaching gift and loves to equip believers, protecting them against false doctrine, teaching the truth of God’s Word, and activating believers in ministry.

She and her husband Adam reside in NJ; they have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

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