Kingdom House is a New Testament church. We assemble on Sundays @10am EST. We have live prophetic worship and an edifying time of teaching and equipping. We have a strong discipleship program. We are given to much prayer, fasting and prayer walks as the Spirit leads.

Angie Dorman is the set woman of this assembly. She functions as a prophetic-apostle, working in tandem with the other ministry gifts to equip others that are called to the ministry. Those who are being equipped are being activated to prophesy, preach, teach, make disciples, provide pastoral care, pray for the sick, perform water baptisms, officiate communion, weddings, funerals, and more.

Nursery and Kid’s Ministry

Available during weekend church services, your children will be loved even as they’re being disciplined!

Services: Sundays @ 10am EST

Location: 17 New Mills Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068