We are advancing the Kingdom of God through biblically equipping the Ephesians 4 Ministry Gifts to successfully fulfill the Matthew 28 mandate.

Our apostolic mandate relies heavily upon the foundational gifts of the Apostle and Prophet letting the Cornerstone Himself set the course for His Church. Through prayer and teaching the principles and precedents of scripture, we are equipping the Body of Christ to advance God’s Kingdom in the earth, laying the course with living stones, at the direction of the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.  We are here to equip and teach church leaders and the saints of God to do effective ministry.

We endeavor to show forth the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers and do our part in helping many to be translated out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

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There is a kind of gospel being proclaimed today which conveniently accommodates itself to the spirit of this age, and makes no demand for godliness.
Duncan Campbell

Preach the truth of God’s Word or resign.

Angie Dorman

The only voice that counts is God’s! Hear it; obey it; follow it.

Greg Crawford
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